Fashion courses at INSD Kandivali are very practical in their nature with the main emphasis being on creative work in the studios. The Diploma courses are taught entirely in the studios rather than conventional classrooms as students are supported in small groups through their creative journey.

Degree Diploma Courses

Fashion Design

The fashion design department has been instrumental in bringing about a paradigm shift in design perception of India.

Interior Design

The interior designer combines the techniques in the interpretation of current trends through an intuitive and senatorial approach to a project.

Luxury Courses

Jewelry Designing

Jewelry designing industry depends upon the creative thoughts and ideas that come from a designer’s mind that make the ideas and thoughts come alive. The course is designed to help the students visualize the various jewelry items and accessories from the most basic things available to the most precious ones.

Accessory Designing
( Jewelry Making / Bag Designing)

A strong independent woman is the backbone of a healthy feminine society. Not everything has to be about beauty or brain, sometimes there is more than all the stereotypes we believe, and that’s exactly what art does! It refers to the act of Designing Accessories that enhances your different looks.

About INSD

International School of Design made a promising beginning under the aegis of educationists & industry leaders few years back. Having set our own challenging benchmarks and goals we gradually climbed every rung of the ladder. Living up to our own expectations we are now one of the prominent players in the design education sector in the country. With a clear vision to contributing back to the national and International design scenario which transpired into best opportunities for our young designers to participate in the real world of Interior, Fashion, Jewellery & Textile design. Our training modules are best suited to make aspiring designers a perfect fit to not only most promising brands of the globe but also initiate startups into a successful business after pursuing their course of study at the International School of Design. Faculty of the institute articulates a sense of expertise & dynamism inspiring the students to realize their full potential. INSD faculty builds critically engaged teaching practices while testing its relevance through a wide range of projects and contexts.


While I was growing up, I have always been fascinated with structures and it amazed me to see how different cultures affect the architectural framework all around the globe. Being a peripatetic individual, I am always curious to see the variations in design aspects internationally and it gives me a feeling of independency and creativity. Just imagine, our ancestors spending all of their lives in caves and now, what not? That’s how it caught my eye and I was dragged towards Interior designing. I knew where my heart belonged and it was the career path I wanted to take a long drive on. But it’s not always sugar and sweet. Back then, I didn’t have a chance to follow my dreams. So I had to take up some other thing. But after completing my degree, I came to know about INSD through a friend. They were offering post-graduation in Interior designing! And without taking any further risks, I took the admission. I can proudly say, it was my best decision ever. I am learning so much more and it truly makes me happy! The faculty at INSD is always ready to assist and are highly cooperative. It’s not even been a year and we had 3 designing projects and an industrial visit. It’s the best part, trust me. I am so proud and pleased to be an INSDian and will always be. I cannot think of any other platform, where I could have followed my dreams. Thanks to INSD.


Student: INSD Kandivali

INSD is one of the best institute! The faculty & the management is perfect in its own kind! The bonding and the perfection we get from our professors is exactly what students looks for! Give it a chance, and they will try every way to your journey of earning perfect.


Student: INSD Kandivali

Being brought up in a small town, the glitz and glamour of Bollywood always fascinated me to the highest level. It was not the drama, the script or the acting but the dressing, the hair styles, the fashion icons that left me awestruck. That’s when in a very small age I decided what I wanted to do in life. Of course, it was a tender age so I didn’t know about the big words like fashion designing and stuff but my inkling towards following the fashionistas and reading about them in various magazines had started since then. To pursue my dreams, I then came to the city of dreams, MUMBAI. I started with small short basic courses of drawing, stitching, etc. and simultaneously began my hunt to find the best institute for fashion designing. After a lot of research, chats with some friends and word of mouth I finalized on INSD. It turned out to be better than the reviews I had received. The faculty is so co-operative, helpful and understanding that I don’t think this atmosphere would be possible anywhere else. They are available to guide us 24X7, every query receives a pool of opinions and suggestions. I am very happy and delighted to be a part of the INSD family and I don’t think there could have been any other better place to fulfill my dreams.


Student: INSD Kandivali

With deep appreciation , i thank faculty and Management of INSD kandivali to give the best possible knowledge and facilities to make our course easier.. few years from now it will not be the grade that will matter but the knowledge provided by you will matter the most .. its a grate pleasure to be a part of INSD kandivali . Thanks a lot.


Student: INSD Kandivali

INSD institute! I recommend to everyone who wants career in fashion designing . There is so much exposure given at a student level. Amazing faculties and mentors. They are help-full and polite and have such versatile Teaching techniques. The faculty here are providing us the best possible attention. They are equally sweet and gives us so much insight About the new trends and how we can improve our work by constant research.


Student: INSD Kandivali

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KHAT WORK, Here come insd kandivali with KHAT WORK Embroidery course. Come join us for detailed embroidery Khat work techniques with knowledge of Sequence work variations pearl work variation , jardosiwork, jardosi roses, patch work , mirror work. Course Duration : 1 month Fee : 6000/- Kit (Optional). Insdkandivali, satyanagar road, Opp. Sbi bank, Mahavirnagar, kandivali (w), mumbai -67. Contact : 9869110778/5, 022 28672424/4531.

avratri special offer.Enroll for any of fashion course at INSD Kandivali and get another designing course for free worth rs. 5000/- Offer valid only till 11th October.

Admission for Diplomas and Degrees open now.


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